The 2022 Chinese Hockey Team: A Circus on ice?

The top story in the worst month to be a hockey fan is the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. While NHLers will likely be allowed to attend, a new story has emerged. The Chinese hockey team reportedly does not care about hockey.

The team has brought about a stir in the hockey community. If you didn’t know, China, if still eligible, will be competing against the USA, Canada, and Germany in Group A. With the NHL close in agreement with the IIHF on sending their players off to Beijing that would make matters even worse for the team than they already are. Even American and Canadian youngsters could whoop the best China has to offer.

That would be funny.

China is ranked 32nd in the world. Not even better than any of the 11 teams who have qualified for these Olympics. Heck, I’d even put my money on the 2018 PyeongChang South Korean team against these sack of suds. Do you want to know why? The Koreans had heart… and even they sucked. Might I add that they didn’t have to play against a single NHL player?

So the question that has been brought to fruition is, does China compete in the 2022 Olympics? There are other countries ranked higher than them that would bring some competitiveness to Group A. Teams like Norway, Belarus and France are the most notable who had lost their games to qualify for the Olympics, but could see a chance at replacing China if the opportunity arises.

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