The Arizona Coyotes Bring Back the Kachina Logo Full-Time

The infamous Kachina logo had been the primary one from the conception of the Arizona Coyotes franchise until 2003, when it was retired in favor of the howling coyote logo. During the 2018-19 season, the franchise returned the home Kachina jersey as an alternate jersey. This jersey remained a fun nod to the team’s start that they occasionally wore for a while. However, that would change in the 25th anniversary season of the Coyotes during the 2020-21 season. This season saw the home Kachina jersey become the primary one. After a very positive reaction from fans, the organization took the response to heart. Yesterday, September 20th, the Coyotes unveiled the return of the Kachina logo and jerseys full-time.

Jakob Chychrun unveiled the returning Kachina away jersey in a video posted on social media earlier today. The jersey remains relatively the same compared to its original design. This mirrors the idea with the home Kachina jerseys, which also stayed reasonably faithful to the originals. On top of the unveiling of the away jersey, the Coyotes announced that their secondary logo would be the moon logo used during the inaugural season. However, the howling coyote logo is not being fully retired. The franchise announced that the primary jersey from the past few years will now be used as an alternate jersey for this upcoming season.

The Kachina jerseys are universally believed to be one of the best hockey jerseys of all time. Not only do the majority of Coyotes fans love these jerseys, but most hockey fans in general view the Kachina brand with high regard. Having the away jersey return alongside the home jersey feels like a tribute to the Coyotes fans that have stuck with the franchise since the beginning. On top of this, the Coyotes are looking to appeal to a more diverse audience through the return of the Kachina. The hope is that the logo would bring in both young and old fans to rally around a familiar and inclusive logo.

The Coyotes have announced these changes to the logo and jerseys as a part of a rebranding effort. There has been no lack of controversies surrounding the organization for a long time. Similarly, the on-ice product is dropping the ball. Management has decided that the best way to solve this issue is a complete rehaul of the franchise. The players are being shipped off left and right for the tools to rebuild. Gila River Arena is ending their lease with the Coyotes, so they are looking to move to Tempe, most likely boosting attendance. Now, the Coyotes unveil the full-time return to the Kachina logo and jerseys. They are looking to dismantle the brand without changing face. Bringing back the away Kachina is just one small piece of the entire rebranding puzzle.

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