Stan Bowman has left the Chicago Blackhawks

October 26, 2021, will forever be remembered as the day Stan Bowman stepped aside from his position as president and general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks held a press conference to discuss the findings of the Brad Aldrich sexual assault investigation. It was revealed that Stan Bowman, alongside Joel Quenneville, Jay Blunk, John McDonough, and Kevin Cheveldayoff, held a meeting on May 23, 2010, to discuss the allegations against Aldrich. The Blackhawks had previously released a statement that they had found the allegations to be “without merit.” This, however, was revealed to be false. With the revelation of this news, alongside the many individuals interviewed during the investigation process, Bowman stepped aside, leaving Kyle Davidson as interim general manager for the time being.

Bowman made a statement in which he stated that he regretted assuming that McDonough would handle the situation appropriately and that if he could go back, he would handle everything differently. The futures of Quenneville, who currently coaches the Florida Panthers, and Cheveldayoff, currently general manager of the Winnipeg Jets, are still unclear as well. The situation is still largely unfolding, with Bowman also resigning as general manager of the United States Olympic team The Blackhawks released a letter addressing the situation and apologizing for not living up to organizational standards. They have been fined $2 million by the NHL for their mishandling of the situation as well. The full Jenner & Block investigation report can be read here: (Content warning: This report contains graphic descriptions of sexual assault that some individuals may find upsetting or offensive.)

While many Blackhawks fans have been requesting the removal of Bowman for years, it is important to remember that this is not a time for celebration. Bowman was involved in the coverup of sexual assault. Regardless of how he performed as a general manager, what he and the others involved did make the Blackhawks look terrible. A former Blackhawks player was a victim to Aldrich, and management took an active role in letting said player suffer in silence. There are many questions about how the Blackhawks will perform in the future that needs to be addressed, but today is not the time. Today, we recognize a victim of sexual assault and the admission of Bowman and others in the involvement.

The Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres is an excellent resource for seeking local assistance for those dealing with sexual assault. Residents of the United States can call the national sexual assault hotline at 1-800-656-4673 for 24-hour sexual assault assistance.

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