New York Rangers Trade Targets

The NHL trade deadline is one month away! The Rangers find themselves in a good spot as they’re (at the time of writing this article) third place in the Metropolitan Division and are everything but guaranteed a playoff spot. Even though this is the case, the Rangers still have holes to fill within their lineup which can help improve the team. So in this article lets go through trade targets for the Blueshirts from most likely to a bit on the hopeful side. 

The Likely 

Arturri Lehkonen, RW, 1 x 2.3M

Montreal winger Arturri Lehkonen is a hot commodity in the trade market lately, and he should be. Lehkonen’s basic stats won’t stand out to you as he only 20 points in 48 games, but when you take a deep look into Arturri’s analytics you’ll see that this is a guy that can be a great third line winger for the Rangers now, and even in the future. Among all players this season, Lehkonen has a 4.3 in even strength defense (EVD) which also ranks  among all forwards in the NHL. To add on how Lehkonen could be invaluable to the Rangers’ third line, he has a 1.5 in expected even strength offense (xEVO) and even thought this isn’t eye popping in any way, it would he a huge improvement to the Rangers’ third line. In all, Lehkonen would be a good defensive forechecking winger for the Rangers whom can also generate quality offense. 

Mock Trade: Vitali Kravtsov & STL 2022 2nd for Arturri Lehkonen 

Calle Järnkrok, C, 1 x 2M

Seattle center-man Calle Järnkrok could be another play a lot of teams call come trade deadline, and I expect the Rangers to be one of them. For starters, Järnkrok is a good 3C for any team as he can put up a solid amount of points while being able to hold his own defensively. Looking at Järnkrok’s basic offensive numbers in his career, he had a career high in goals and points 5 years ago where he put up 16 goals and 35 points. Even though this was half a decade ago, Järnkrok has been able to maintain that pace where he’d score 10-15 goals on a third line role. Now, taking a looking into Järnkrok’s analytics for this year, he has a 3.2 in even strength offense (EVO) while having a -0.2 in EVD, not the greatest but it is decent for someone that would be your third line center. Lastly, he also brings playoffs/cup experience to a team, and for the Rangers that could be useful come playoff time. 

Mock Trade: NYR 2022 2nd for Calle Järnkrok 

Ryan Carpenter, Center, 1 x 1M

I’m gonna make this a quick one, Carpenter is a player who played under Gerard Gallant in his time with Vegas, and he preformed pretty well as he was a good defensive forward for Turk in his little stint with the Golden Knights. Now Carpenter finds himself on the Chicago Blackhawks where they could be a team selling a bit of assets if they’re too far behind the playoff race and Carpenter can find himself on the move. Carpenter is a solid 4th line defensive center who can kill penalties, win faceoffs, and for the Rangers sake give some more depth to their weak center core.

The Possible

Reilly Smith, LW, 1 x 5M

Before I get in depth on this one I will say, Smith would be listed as a likely trade target but with Mark Stone going on LTIR earlier this month, the Golden Knights won’t be forced to move a player to fit under the cap, thus Reilly Smith most likely staying with the team. Anyways, Smith is another player who played under Gallant in his tenure with the Golden Knights, and he preformed really well. In two full seasons under Turk, Smith registered 41 goals in 141 games with 113 points to go along his name. These are very solid numbers, and this season Smith has been following that same success as he has 14 goals and 33 points in 49 games played. Smith is also a good player in an analytical point of view as he has a 3.7 in EVO, a 6.8 in goals above replacement (GAR), a 4.1 in expected even strength offense (xEVO), and 6.2 in expected goals above replacement (xGAR). All things considered now, Reilly Smith would be a good fit for the Rangers’ second line, that is if Kaapo Kakko doesn’t work with Artemi Panarin, otherwise Smith could be an excellent piece on the Rangers’ third line if they choose not to pick up Lehkonen.

Mock Trade: NYR 2022 1st & Julien Gauthier for Reilly Smith

J.T. Miller, C/LW, 2 x 5.25M

The former Ranger J.T. Miller was inevitably gonna be put in this article, and for good reason too. Miller on the surface as blossomed into a star with Vancouver where he’s been basically an a point per game player with the Canucks. Now looking at Miller’s analytics for this season, he has a 3.1 in EVO, 4.6 GAR, 5.1 in xEVO, and 6 in xGAR. These stats don’t scream superstar, but they do support the fact that Miller is a very good offensive player that would be useful for any team. So with this, Ranger fans would be screaming for a reunion as he would provide depth at center, an insurance option at 2C if Strome doesn’t come back, and on top of that can play wing if you choose to put him there. 

Mock Trade: NYR 2022 1st, Filip Chytil, & Vitali Kravtsov for J.T. Miller.

A Veteran Backup Goaltender

If the Rangers decide to get rid of Alexandar Georgiev this trade deadline there would be an immediate quest to acquire a veteran backup goalie to help support Igor Shesterkin. Names that could be brought up in trade talks are Thomas Greiss, Jaroslav Halak, and possibly even Jake Allen. Halak being an unlikely as it seems as if he won’t waive his NMC to leave Vancouver, but the other two are real possibilities. Greiss currently is in a contract year where he’s making 3.6M against the cap, while Jake Allen is younger and has two more years left on a deal that pays him 2.875M annually. In terms of stats, Greiss has the better overall stats, but Jake Allen does carry more term for a less cost and has experience filling in at a starting role if need be. So it’ll be very interesting to see if the Rangers do indeed move Georgiev and who they acquire to replace him at backup.

Max Domi, C/LW, 1 x 5.3M

A name most probably didn’t expect to see in this article, Max Domi. Domi has been underwhelming to say the least in his tenure with the Blue Jackets as he hasn’t had the eye-popping numbers he did three years ago with Montreal but he still could be a good middle-six piece to any playoff team. This season Domi currently has 24 points in 40 games while also being decent in the analytics side of things. He has a 6.4 in EVO, 4.3 in GAR, 4.6 in xEVO, and 0.6 in xGAR. Moreover, Domi could be slot in nicely on the Rangers’ third line if they’re unable to acquire someone like Calle Järnkrok, question is if Columbus would be willing to trade with a division rival.

Mock Trade: STL 2022 2nd for Max Domi

The Unlikely

Tomáš Hertl, C, 1 x 5.625M

Now we’re moving onto the more sexy names in the NHL, and we start with Sharks center-man, Tomáš Hertl. Hertl is undoubtedly a top 20 center in the NHL as he brings high quality offense while being a good defensive player. Looking at Hertl’s basic stats, he has 40 points in 49 games while registering 20 goals which is very good for San Jose’s top line center. Now analytically is where Hertl becomes a monster, he has a 8.4 in EVO, an 11.5 in GAR, a 9.6 in xEVO, and 10.6 in xGAR. So if the Rangers are somehow able to acquire this highly skilled center from San Jose, they could have a very impressive center trio in Mika Zibanejad, Ryan Strome, and Tomáš Hertl come playoff time.

Mock Trade: NYR 2022 1st, Filip Chytil, Nils Lundkvist, & Matthew Robertson for Tomáš Hertl

Joe Pavelski, C/RW, 1 x 7M

Pavelski’s name in trade talks could change drastically during these next few weeks as the Stars try to fight for playoff position. They’re currently three points shy of the LA Kings for the second wild-card in the west but they also have a game in hand, so depending on how bad or good the Stars do during this next month can really help shape Pavelski’s future with the team. If he does become available, oh boy, a lot of teams will be knocking on the door for his services and deservedly so. Pavelski is over a point per game this season as he has 52 points in 49 games this season, while also have great analytic numbers. Pavelski has a 7.0 in EVO, 13.6 GAR(!!!), 5.6 in xEVO, and 12.5 in xGAR. These numbers are really good, and from a Rangers point of view (just like Hertl) Pavelski really sures up your center depth. But he also does more, as he helps strengthens the second power-play unit even more with his net front presence and his leadership will obviously be invaluable come playoff time.

Mock Trade: NYR 2022 1st, NYR 2022 2nd, Filip Chytil, & Nils Lundkvist for Joe Pavelski

Jakob Chychrun, LD, 4 x 4.6M

The hottest name on the trade market right now is Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun. He’s a young defenseman with good offensive instincts while also holding his own defensively. The main thing with Chychrun however is that he has three years on his contract following this year, so whomever acquires the kid will have a good top 4 two way defenseman for three more years following this season. Now looking at Chychrun’s base stats and analytics its fair to say that he’s struggling, offensively at least. This season Chychrun has only put up 11 points in 39 games while have a -4.1 in EVO, -2.6 GAR, -4.4 in xEVO, and -4.2 in xGAR. Chychrun’s saving grace this season is that he’s been solid defensively as he carries a 4.3 in EVD and 1.9 in xEVD. If it weren’t for him being solid defensively this season I’d personally stay away from him, especially since he doesn’t fill a major hole within the roster. 

Concluding Thoughts

In closing, the Rangers could use these next few weeks to really fill holes within the team such. There are good depth forwards such as Calle Järnkrok, Arturri Lehkonen, & Ryan Carpenter available to help fix some of the Rangers’ depth issues but there is also some star power on the market. Names like Tomáš Hertl, Joe Pavelski, and Reilly Smith could be available at a certain point in the upcoming weeks and a ton of teams will be knocking on the door, and if the Rangers could add one of those players, it could improve the team immensely but it will come at a bigger price. So to close out, will the Rangers stay away from these star forwards and go for more depth pieces to round out the bottom-six, or will they go all in on one forward to add more star power to the team?

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