Predicting Where The Top Trade Chips Will Be Moved – Part 2

The NHL Trade Deadline is quickly approaching, so I decided to do a Part 2 of my article from last week, where I will try and predict where the top trade chips around the league will be moved:

Mark Giordano: Florida Panthers

I’ve said this many times, but I actually don’t think that the Florida Panthers need to make any moves at this years trade deadline, as they’re the Stanley Cup favourites in my eyes, and I wouldn’t want to risk chemistry being lost.

That being said, I think they’ll be out to acquire a top-four defenseman, and I think it’ll be Mark Giordano.

The Panthers don’t have a 2022 first-round pick, so it’ll likely be a 2023 first-round pick and a prospect to get Giordano out of Seattle, but I think it’s a move Bill Zito will deem necessary.

I could also see the Rangers get Giordano, but I just think that the Panthers are going to be willing to offer more.

Colin Miller: Toronto Maple Leafs

Although the Maple Leafs just recently picked up Ilya Lyubushkin, it’s been reported that they’re still in the market for another defenseman.

While they’ve been rumoured in the market for a big name like John Klingberg, I actually think that they’re going to go with Colin Miller from the Buffalo Sabres.

Miller played for the Greyhounds in the OHL, which we know Kyle Dubas’ ties to that team, and overall he just seems like a more affordable defenseman for the Maple Leafs, and he’s actually been having a solid season with the Sabres.

Filip Forsberg: Washington Capitals

It was recently reported that the Nashville Predators were taking calls on forward Filip Forsberg, and while some think it’s stupid to do so, I think it’s a wise decision.

If the Predators are shopping Forsberg, it’s likely because they won’t be able to sign him past this season, which makes it a smart move to trade him for assets, especially considering the Predators won’t be contenders this year.

I think the Capitals will end up getting Forsberg, as they’re in the market for a top-six forward, and willing to give up future assets to get one.

It would be interesting to see Forsberg in a Capitals jersey, as it is where he was originally drafted, but never played a game.

Tomas Hertl: Carolina Hurricanes

This one hasn’t even been rumoured, it’s just something I think will happen.

I don’t think that the Sharks are going to be able to extend Tomas Hertl, and with them falling further back in the playoff race everyday, I think they’ll opt to move him for future pieces to accelerate the rebuild.

I expect the Hurricanes to be heavy buyers as they want to make a Stanley Cup run, and Hertl would be a massive addition to their already lethal offensive core.

The Hurricanes management hasn’t been shy about how they desire a big addition, and how they’re willing to trade future pieces for them, so don’t be surprised if you hear rumours on them being in on Hertl.

JT Miller: Minnesota Wild

Now, I’m not sure if the Canucks will even move JT Miller or not, but if they do, I have him going to the Minnesota Wild.

Miller fits the style that the Wild play, and would be a nice addition to their top-six. I think they have a nice piece in Kevin Fiala, that the Canucks would have interest in as well.

Again, don’t take this as me saying Miller will be moved, it’s more so, if he’s moved, here’s where I have him going.

Jake DeBrusk: Seattle Kraken

This one is kind of ironic considering he just had a two-goal game, including the overtime winning goal against the Kraken last night, but I’ve got Jake DeBrusk heading to the NHL’s 32nd franchise.

The Kraken are obviously hoping to build their own culture, and with DeBrusk hoping for a fresh start, I think it would be a nice fit for both parties.

I also think Ron Francis is the only general manager willing to give up the premium that the Bruins have not budged away from since making DeBrusk available.

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