NHL Away Jersey Rankings

Following my article I did earlier this season on the home jerseys, today I will be doing the away jerseys. Taste is subjective so I’d love to know where you think I went wrong!


San Jose Sharks: The white and teal don’t blend and it feels really plain. Maybe if they added some stripes at the bottom of the jersey it would be a bit better.


Anaheim Ducks: I don’t like either of their main jerseys. The logo is a downgrade from the Mighty Ducks jersey they use on their alternate jerseys and the colour scheme is executed poorly with the stripes.


Washington Capitals: As I said in the home jersey article, the logo isn’t my favourite, and white makes the jersey even plainer than the red jersey.


Dallas Stars: I like this jersey more than the home jersey however I still don’t like the logo which can ruin a jersey. While I don’t think it ruins the jersey I still don’t believe it’s within the top 20 logos in the league.


Nashville Predators: Much like the Ducks jersey, I just find it boring. While the thick bottom stripe does make it a bit better, it just feels like nothing is happening with this jersey.


Vancouver Canucks: I like the Canucks home jersey, however, I don’t think the colours work when white is the base colour.


Edmonton Oilers: The Oilers had the perfect colour scheme a few years ago and then they switched to a more navy blue. The striping on this jersey is nice however I still don’t like the colour scheme.


Philadelphia Flyers: It’s an original jersey and I like the logo but I just think white as the base colour for this jersey doesn’t work.


Tampa Bay Lightning: I don’t mind this jersey however I think they could have done a better job with the striping.


Detroit Red Wings: Red as the base colour on the home makes it look nicer but this jersey looks too boring. Much Like Tampa, I think they could’ve done a better job with the striping.


Montreal Canadiens: Much like Detroit, Montreal’s iconic home jersey is far better than this. At this point, I don’t hate this jersey or any of the following jerseys. I think the striping is well done and the red on the shoulders looks nice.


Toronto Maple Leafs: The logo is nice but much like the Tampa jersey, it is a bit plain. What makes this higher than the Tampa jersey is the logo and I believe the striping is better.


LA Kings: The striping is much better than any of the jerseys it beats out. I’m not a big fan of the Kings logo which is why it keeps it out of the top 15.


New Jersey Devils: What brings this down for me is the bottom of the jersey. The thin black stripe isn’t enough and it feels kind of blank. The black shoulders are nice and the striping on the elbows is very good.


Florida Panthers: I think the thick red stripe going through the middle of the jersey is nice. I like the way the stripe continues to the elbows and the shoulder patches are a good touch. I think they need to add something more to the bottom of the jersey because it does look a little bit unfinished.


St.Louis Blues: I think this jersey is very well done. The striping is good, the shoulder colour was a good choice however I think the colour combination with the white base is what drags it down for me.


Columbus Blue Jackets: They did a good job with the shoulders and the arms using a nice navy blue. The shoulders and arms make it look colourful and the red accents are a nice touch.


Winnipeg Jets: The colour combination works perfectly with the white base. The striping is well done and it looks clean. This jersey is far better than the home jersey.


Boston Bruins: It’s a colourful jersey that doesn’t look plain at all with a nice logo. The striping is well done and I don’t have much to complain about with this jersey.


New York Islanders: It is a classic jersey with a good colour combination. If I had to say anything one thing I’d add is something to the shoulders. 


Carolina Hurricanes: I like how different this jersey is from their home jersey. The striping is well done and doesn’t look boring because of the diagonal wordmark. 


Minnesota Wild: The colour combination is great with a white base, the logo is fantastic and the striping is great. 


Pittsburgh Penguins: Pittsburgh has one of the best sets of jerseys in the league. The logo is fantastic and the striping is one of the best in the league. 


Colorado Avalanche: The mountain-style design at the bottom of this jersey is what makes it so high for me. This design makes the jersey pop and the continuing of the red on the shoulders and arms are great. 


Arizona Coyotes: The Yotes bringing back the white Kachina jersey is the best decision the organization has made when it comes to on and off-ice decisions. While they’re atrocious on the ice they look good while doing it. The jersey is so different from everybody else’s jersey. 


Vegas Golden Knights: While I much prefer the home jersey this is still fantastic. The colour combination is good and the striping is great as well as the logo.


Buffalo Sabres: Much like Arizona the Sabres, while terrible on ice, look good doing it. The colour combination, as well as the striping, is good with a good logo. 


Chicago Blackhawks: Most original six jerseys have boring jerseys because of tradition and they can change much. While the Blackhawks haven’t changed much they don’t need to. The striping on this jersey is great as well as the colour combination. 


Ottawa Senators: The Sens have the best set of jerseys in the NHL. Great color scheme, logo and striping.


Calgary Flames: The Flames colour combination is great, the logo is nice and the striping is perfect. Nothing to complain about here.


Seattle Kraken: What I said about the Flames applies here too. They hit a home run on these jerseys.


New York Rangers: Perfect jersey. Iconic, striping is great, the colour scheme is perfect and I can’t find anything to criticize.

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